Saturday November 21st

Kesselhaus C/O Kulturbrauerei Berlin Prenzlauerberg

Sunday November 21nd at various Berlin weinerei

Gusto Nudo cultural association, based in Bologna (Italy), organizes for the first time in Berlin the “Independent Wine Makers Fair”.

Saturday November 21st and Sunday 22nd, during “Gusto Nudo Berlin”, about 20 agricultural farms, coming from different parts of Italy, will present their wines for tasting to Berlin enthusiasts of natural and biological products.

The event focuses on bringing to the acquaintance of citizens being more and more subordinated to the equation food = great distribution the culture of territory and earth respect, the value of a task dedicated to biodiversity preservation; the work done in cellars that differs from technological manipulation lean towards cancelling the differences, the territories personalities and the different cultivar.

  • 20 farms being involved, whose wines have never been cut with grapes coming from different zones from those declared on the label, either not to betray the originality of hard work fruits, nor to submit to the market dictatorship, wanting wines adapted to an over determined taste absolutely unfaithful to its land of origins.
  • A particularly important joining line between the producers taking part to this group regards the total refusal to be associated to dynamics of work exploitation from precarious or migrating workers, which instead characterizes great part of the agricultural production in Italy.


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